I have had the pleasure of doing business with Brian Scrone and Jim Sheils of Titus Financial/Solutions for over five years. They have allowed me to acquire a profitable multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and given me the ability, with their assistance, to remotely manage and monitor this portfolio successfully.
James F Ehretsman
Executive, General Electric
Chicago, Illinois



REO & Foreclosure properties available to you in Rent Ready condition, with Property Management in place! Cash Flow and Instant Equity without the headaches!

Jacksonville Real Estate Wealth
From late 1999 through the spring of 2005, Rincon Realty (Formerly Titus Financial, Inc) along with a wholly owned subsidiary, Maverick Mortgage Company both of Bakersfield CA, acquired, renovated, managed and sold over $20,000,000 in property.

This successful experience lead them to seek another locale with similar dynamics and they resettled in the growing Jacksonville, FL market in 2005. Since then, they have built up a personal company portfolio of 120+ single-family homes, totaling nearly $16,000,000 in assets.

The company is owned and directed by Brian Scrone and Jim Sheils, two seasoned real estate investors who have personally purchased over 300 investment properties in their career. Both men have a passion for real estate and a combined 20+ years experience in the business. They speak internationally about the real estate strategies they practice and enjoy masterminding with investment students worldwide.

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Jim Sheils

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"I have invested with Jim & Brian in several properties & these investments have performed & still are performing very well...even in this current part of the economic cycle. They have a very high level of integrity, which as you can imagine is very important when dealing with someone on the other side of the world."
Craig Chandler Pasinc
Investments Inc. President
Gold Coast, Austrailia