“Jim and Brian are talented, hard working, successful real estate investors. Through perseverance, a great partnership and shrewd investments, they are successful and still growing. Their business brings integrity and commitment to doing the right thing for the people who invest with them.”
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REO & Foreclosure properties available to you in Rent Ready condition, with Property Management in place! Cash Flow and Instant Equity without the headaches!
Back to Basics: The Buy & Hold Strategy
The proven technique for building wealth in real estate

Through the ups and downs of real estate, one technique has held strong and has made millionaires out of scores of investors.

An investor buys a property at a low price in an area poised for growth. They hold the property long-term and allow their tenants to pay for all the monthly expenses while paying down the mortgage. At the same time the investor enjoys the equity growth and increasing rental returns from the property.

Building Wealth is not meant to be complicated! Keep it simple and reap the rewards of a successful real estate investor.

There are 4 key components to the Wealth Building Strategy:
1. Instant Equity
2. Pay down Principle
3. Appreciation
4. Cash-flow

**Imagine if you were to buy 5 houses the over the next 5 years. In 15 years you could have over $600,000 in equity! Possibly more with the help of a mortgage acceleration program. Talk to us today about igniting your real estate investments and paying off your property in as little as 7 years.

*Numbers are based on a purchase of 1 home each year for a five year period - average price of $85,000, with a 20% downpayment

Based on a 20% down payment, the return on investment (ROI) for this
sample deal, over a 5 year period, is 375%.
Over 25% annual, compounding ROI


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“By far, Brian and Jim were my largest individual investors and purchased over 200 houses through me. They are honest, dependable and a pleasure to work with. I always knew my name and efforts were in good hands with them and I was proud to be such a big part of their business. Their knowledge and ability to handle high volumes of acquisitions and property management was second to none.”
Betty Byrom
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